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Pressure Booster

Straight talk about Grundfos pressure boosters

Dear [firstname] [lastname],

Pressure Manager 1? Pressure Manager 2? CME Booster? MQ? If you’re in doubt about which Grundfos pressure booster does what, this topic will sort it all out for you – and better equip you to explain the benefits of our boosters to your customers.

The pressure boosters topic introduces the Grundfos CM/CME range of boosters, plus the Grundfos MQ. Once you’ve completed the topic, you’ll know which booster to recommend to your customers – from the basic CM booster with PM1, to the Grundfos CME booster, the ultimate in constant pressure convenience and comfort.

And you’ll be another step closer to claiming an awesome Ecademy reward!

Kind regards
The Ecademy Team
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